Cotton Kids

Take a peek at Cotton Kids Spring 2018

We are very excited to introduce a specialty line to our shop! For those of you who are true lovers of hand work and impeccable detail I want to introduce Cotton Kids. Each and every dress is exquisite, with attention to detail like no other. These pieces are each uniquely designed and made on a hand embroidery machine taking 8-10 hours PER DRESS!! Their “to die for” appliques and embroideries are made with traditional techniques. They are NOT mass produced. Find cotton kids at

A little about the designer- her name is Minnie and she lives in Virginia but she is from India where she also owns a shop. Minnie flys back and forth to India frequently so that she can oversee every stitch and every collection start to finish. All the prints are designed exclusively by her team of artists then they are meticulously printed on handheld screens in her Fair Trade Factory. 

Cotton kids is a brand that you will fall in love with and never want to let go. It’s one that you will put in your child’s “Forever” box to be passed down to future generations. Just imagine seeing your grand-daughters in your daughters dresses. Maybe a tea party with 3 generations or any special day. 

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